A Modified Carom Billiards Game
Game Description

TRING is a variation of Carom Billiards. It was invented by our Computer Graphics professor Jarek Rossignac.

It is played on a circular pool table with three balls: one red, one green and one blue. Players take turns and use a billiard cue to strike one of the balls. On each shot, a different ball is struck, cycling through the three colors. First red, then green, then blue, red again and so on. Suppose that the red ball is struck with the cue, if it touches the other two, the player scores one point and plays again, striking the green ball this time. When the cue ball (the ball struck by the cue) stops before touching the other two, the next player will play the ball with the next color in the cycle. First to reach 21 wins.

If you're really interested, download the game for yourself!

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