A Modified Carom Billiards Game

In the following screenshot, we've made the balls big to demonstrate the dynamic cube mapping and the realtime shadows. If you look closely, you can see the reflections of the other balls (its easiest to see on the red ball). Keep in mind that these cubemaps are completely dynamic (albeit rather slow on my computer until I get some kinks out of the system). Also, notice how the ball shadows "creep up" along the walls of the table.

The next screenshot shows what the user sees when the game is first launched, and also after the new game button has been pressed.

Now for a shot that immediately follows the previous screenshot. After you've selected the number of players, you also pick the ball size. The smaller the ball size, the harder, of course.

Here you can see a picture of our novice mode. When making a shot in novice mode, the paths of all the balls which will occur from the current angle and strength of shot are drawn on the table. Scoring a point in this is quite easy.

The last screenshot shows what takes places when a shot is being animated. The camera tilts to a much lower angle, where you can see a better view of the room and overhead light. There's also a smaller, overhead view in the top right corner.

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